Where do magicians learn their secrets? Well, you’ve probably heard of The Magic Circle, but did you know it was an actual place?

Every Monday, magicians from all around the country travel to London to visit the headquarters of the prestigious magic club.

While I don’t get to go as often as I wish, I made the trip to go on Monday evening. Being a magician in Gloucester means that it’s pretty much a full day out for me, but it’s very much worth the trip – especially when I can share the ride with other magicians from Gloucester.

Often The Magic Circle hosts lectures and workshops for magicians, but this week was a fun social event where the over forties magicians competed with the under forties magicians. Which one do I fall into? I’ll never tell!

But it was a fun night out, and great to connect with other magicians from the UK. I hope to return again in the next few weeks.

The Magic Circle

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