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Close-Up Magic

Your event should be amazing, perfect, and downright fabulous. You want it talked about for the rest of the year. Close-Up Magician Kerry Scorah understands this. Having worked with event planners from around the world, she has what it takes to turn a party into an event.

Close-up Magic that will stun your guests!

Hiring a close-up magician to perform table-side magic throughout the evening will leave your guests laughing, astonished, and bewildered with what they have just witnessed.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for a select few, or a grand gala for a thousand, Kerry can customise her performances to entertain in nearly any scenario. Performing during pre-dinner drinks or throughout the dinner, close-up magician Kerry’s fabulous brand of close-up magic and table magic will add that missing piece of sparkle. It provides your guests a unique opportunity to take an active part in the evening, meaning they will leave with an everlasting memory of your special night.

“Simply brilliant. Kerry managed to enthral a corporate crowd of 500 people throughout the course of the evening, using her disarming charm and girl-next-door image to turn sceptical inner city professionals into wide-eyed, open-mouthed children, transforming a good evening into a fun, fantastic evening. Now that’s great magic!”

Matthew Dennison – Hiscox Claims, Hiscox Association

“All of us were absolutely amazed at your fantastic performance. It really made my evening and was the icing on my birthday cake! We spent the whole of breakfast saying HOW DID SHE DO THAT ?”

Lynda Elmore

Best Wedding Magician

Book Kerry for your event

Contact Kerry today to discuss how she can help make your event a magical success.

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